CarLogik is a way for you to buy and sell used cars with safety and confidence. It is For Sale by Owner done right. We provide the Buyer and the Seller with Transparency, Legitimacy, and Safety.

key change

  • If you’re Selling, it’s as simple as counting to five.
  • 1. List your car.
  • 2. Set the price.
  • 3. Get it Sherlock inspected.
  • 4. You can offer the option to test drive the inspected vehicle.
  • 5. The Concierge Close.
  • If you’re Buying, it’s also as simple as counting to five.
  • 1. Pick the car you want.
  • 2. Pick a time to test drive the inspected vehicle.
  • 3. Meet securely.
  • 4. Lock in the price.
  • 5. The Concierge Close.

You sell after a comprehensive, independent inspection and vehicle history report. Pre-registered parties communicate through anonymized text messages. You will meet at a local partner auto repair shop, like Dakota K Auto Repair and Tire Center, where IDs and insurance will be verified.

key change

We want the everyone to know about this better way to buy and sell their used cars. We at Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center believe in this process so much that we became a part of the CarLogik process and team. We provide the Sherlock inspection at both the North Dakota and South Dakota locations.

If you have any questions about the Sherlock inspection, don’t hesitate to call us at (847) 398-4645.

If you have questions about CarLogik, don’t hesitate to call (847) 979-0218.