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Like all communities, there is a give and take relationship that bonds them together.  Because of our great customers we have always been able to give back to the community that supports us!

Since opening our doors, we have supported a BGRA baseball team every year!  We have team pictures that date back to the first team we sponsored in the Spring of 1975.  We have many of the pictures on display ion our front office.  Every once in a while a customer will come in and find a picture of their old team!

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There are two main charities that we support.  They are Omni Youth Services (www.omniyouth.org) and Northwest Special Recreation Association (www.nwsra.org).  Omni supports troubled youth and their families and NWSRA helps special needs youth and adults.  We donate a portion of our sales from February and March to Omni and NWSRA.  Over the years we have donated over $40,000 to them!  Go on line and learn more about these great organizations!

We also support the schools, local charities, park district, and religious organizations in our area.  The following are just a few of them: BGHS Expressions, Arlington Heights Girls Softball, Arlington Cowboys, Redwing Hockey, BG Singers Encore!, and BGPD Soccer.


We have been actively involved in our community since we began our business in 1974. Whether it has been through publishing industry articles, judging BBB contests, or participating in the ASA board, we have been a leader in the automotive repair industry. We donate generously to the local charities and religious organizations. We have supported Omni Youth Services, NWSRA, BGRA baseball, and many other youth sports programs and local charities.