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Emissions Repair – Dakota K Auto Repair and Tire Center

For cars manufactured prior to 1996:

Emissions Failure means that your vehicle is sending too much fuel out of the tail pipe that is not being used by your engine. It is the same as a large gas leak! This can have several causes. If you fail because of high limits of hydrocarbons (HC), it means that raw fuel is being sent out of the gas pipe because the vehicle’s engine is not completely converting the fuel into energy. This raw fuel can contribute to premature engine wear by washing off the protective layer of oil off the moving parts inside the engine. If the failure is because of carbon monoxide (CO) being too high, the fuel and air mixture is off – meaning that there could be incomplete combustion (burning of the air/fuel mixture) – the main cause coming from the fuel delivery system.

To pass emissions, your vehicle’s engine & fuel delivery system must be properly adjusted to allow the gasoline to burn properly. In addition, any parts must be replaced that were ruined because the system was out of adjustment. This means that we first have to determine the cause of the problem and then see if the initial problem created more damage. We will test your vehicle, repair it – with your permission, and take it back through the testing lane!

For cars manufactured after 1996:

1996 and newer cars rely on the OBD II (On Board Diagnostic second generation) system. This is an advanced computer system capable of determining proper emissions on your vehicle. If your “MIL” (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) or “Check Engine” light is on, your car will not pass your emissions test. If someone resets the “MIL”/”Check Engine” light your car will not pass the emissions until the monitoring system in the computer has been reset. Your car will be rejected at the test lane until this occurs.

At Dakota K, we will diagnose your OBD II system, repair the cause of the “MIL”/”Check Engine”, run the monitors, and bring your car to the test lane for you. Drop off your failed vehicle and pick up a fixed vehicle with a passed emissions certificate in the glove box.