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General Maintenance by Dakota K Auto Repair and Tire Center

Oil Change Service

While performing an oil change, our technicians check all fluids, top off as necessary and conduct a 29 point inspection. A 36 point inspection is also available, which covers all major systems of your car, including brakes. Most new vehicles do not require lubrication, as moving parts are lubricated and sealed at the factory.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

There is no need to return to the dealership to have your factory schedule maintenance done.  We can perform all the necessary service and if we spot a problem that is still under warranty, we will let you know about it and in some cases get it over to the dealer to have it done.  


Having issues with your brakes?  Stop on in and we will check your brake system out for you and give you an estimate for any needed work.  

Fluid Services

We also service your transmission, brake, power steering, transfer case, and differential fluids.  It is important to change these fluids as well as your oil.  These fluids, just like your oil break down over time and when you keep them up to date you can avoid expensive repairs down the road.


Are you 'tired' of having to drive around to get pricing on tires?  Call or stop by and we can get you prices on almost all major tire brands.  Our local warehouse deliveries to us four times a day, so we can provide you with several options for your tire needs.


Battery life in our area averages about 5 years.  If you're battery is 5 or more years old, it may be time to replace it.  We carry East Penn Deka batteries and A/C Delco batteries in stock.