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Rick Koebernick
Co-Owner – Business Development

Rick Koebernick | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Rick graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1988 with a degree in business marketing and earned a certificate in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, Chicago. His intentions were to not go into the family business, but no matter where he went he always ended up back at Dakota K. He has since decided that he was destined to be here and has taken on business development. He feels lucky in that Dakota K has some really awesome customers and enjoys talking with them when they come in for service. Rick was married in 1988 to his wife, Kari. They have two children, Bailey and Tyler (twins). Bailey is currently attending graduate school to get her masters degree in speech and language pathology and Tyler is working for CDW.  Their family loves Disney and has been on a Disney vacation almost every year since the twins were born. If anyone wants tips for a Disney vacation, just see Rick.

Steve Koebernick
Co-Owner Technical Operations Manager – ASE Master Technician – L1 Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Steve Koebernick | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Steve started out at Dakota K by helping his dad in the shop and pumping gasoline. He finished high school early, went to technical school and has worked for Dakota K most of his adult life. He graduated Wyoming Tech in 1981, Service Electronic Training in 1989, and has a certificate in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He’s married to Karen, and they have two children, Jason and Kim.
Steve is a master of difficult automotive technical problems. We count on him to solve many of the diagnostic intermittent and emissions problems our customers bring to us daily. He is a great guy and someone you can count on!

Burt Ziskind
Service Advisor - ASE Certified

Burt Ziskind | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Burt has worked for us since June 2008 and is a graduate of the University of Missouri. He is great with our customers and is well known in the community.
Burt is a Graduate of the University of Missouri At St Louis in 1976. He owned his own business for 22 years and came to work for us in 2008 after shutting it down. Burt is a great fit into our organization. He seems to know everyone and has a great personality for working with our clients. Burt is married and has three grown children, Lauren, Alexandra, and Aaron. Ellen, his wife of 28 years, and he enjoy taking drives together in their 1994 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. Burt is a huge dog lover. He enjoys taking his two dogs, Murphy and Marley for walks. Anytime a customer brings their dog into the shop, Burt goes out of his way to go say hello to them and give them a scratch behind the ears.

Kevin Smith
Service Advisor - ASE Certified

Kevin Smith | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Kevin started work for us in November of 2011. He has 20 years of experience as a manager in sales and service. A good portion of those years was with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. So, if you need to get some information on the ins and outs of tires, give Kevin a call.
Kevin is also very involved in his community which is what we feel makes him a perfect match for Dakota K. He is involved with the PTA at his son’s school. He coaches baseball, football, and basketball. He teaches Sunday School and helps with various community charity and support functions.

Robert Kroczak
ASE Certified Technician

Robert Kroczak | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Robert has been with us since January 2000 and has been a great addition to our staff. He graduated from Bielawa Tech and is a really good technician that gives careful attention to the details. When he is asked to check over a vehicle – our customers can be sure that they have been informed about any problem the vehicle has and problems that they need to be aware of for the near future. For us, it is great to have this pleasant, fun fellow to work with. He’s married, and he and his wife Bozena have three children, Paulina, Jessica, and Paul.

Doug Shafron
ASE Certified Technician

Doug Shafron | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Doug graduated from Lincoln Technical University in 1997. He is an ASE certified technician. He joined our team in 2009 and is a very reliable technician. One of his obsessions is tools. He loves buying new tools all the time. The other technicians love this too, because whenever they need a special use tool, Doug usually has it. Doug enjoys spending time with Katie, his daughter. He spends his free time Fishing, hunting & camping. Doug is a great guy!


John (Red) Hilton
ASE Certified Technician

John (Red) Hilton | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center John (Red) Hilton – Red graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute in 1994. He became a member of the Dakota K team in 2008. He is a highly motivated conscientious employee. He is ASE certified and working on getting his L1 Master Tech certification. JJ and Paul are his sons. Red enjoys spending time with them and participating with them in Cub Scouts. Red also has a dog, Rex. During his free time he enjoys fishing and hunting.


Nick Zyskowski
ASE Certified Technician

Nick Zyskowski | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Nick graduated from Triton College with his automotive repair degree. He started working for us in 2009 and has become a very reliable technician. He is currently working at our Northwest Highway location. He has a love hate relationship with his 2002 Ford F250 Diesel pickup. When he got it, it needed a lot of work and he has been slowly restoring it back to health. Nick also has a Love for the outdoors. He enjoys camping, fishing, and hiking.

Tony Dimitrov
Service Advisor/Technician - ASE Certified

Tony DImitrov | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire CenterToni graduated with his automotive repair degree from Triton College.  He started working for us when he started the General Motors training program at Triton because of our affiliation with AC Delco.  He is a quick learner and has become a valuable asset to us.  He has also learned to tow while working with us and if you are stuck somewhere with a broken down vehicle you will most likely get to meet him.

Jonathan Helms
ASE Master Certified Technician w/ L1 Advanced Engine Performance & L3 Hybrid Systems

Jonathan Helms | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center Jonathan came back to work for us after serving in the Army for a second time. When he went back in the Army his assignment was “Electronics Avionics & Armament Repair” for the OH-58 Delta helicopter. He went back to school at UTI to brush back up on his car repair skills and graduated in October of 2013.  It's great to have him back as a full time technician!


Mike Kamka
Automotive Technician - ASE Certified

Mike Kamka | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire CenterMike has been repairing cars in the Arlington Heights area for over 22 years! He came to work for Dakota K Auto Repair in 2013.  Prior to that he worked for Ken's.  If you need to get a repair done quick and efficiently, see Mike!  During his off time, Mike loves to get out and ride his Harley whenever possible.


Bob Kephart
Automotive Technician - ASE Certified - Hybrid Certified

Bob Kephart | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center

We are happy to have Bob on board with us!  Yes, it is the 'Bob' from Bob's VIP.  If you have been looking for him since he closed his shop in 2015, look no further!  Bob is working at our Northwest Highway location where he first opened his shop up many years ago.  So, you can say he is back home again. 

Ken Peralta

Ken Peralta | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center


Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott | Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center



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